Will a 790 Credit Score Get Me an Auto Loan with a low rate of interest?

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Q: I would like to put in an application for an auto loan this week and I have a credit score of 790. Is that going to be enough to obtain a car loan with low interest?

A: It is without doubt possible to successfully obtain an auto loan with a 790 credit score and receive low interest rate offers. Think about this loan data which comes straight from Experian:

If your credit score is near to 790, you are going to have the best luck qualifying for vehicle finance if you put in an application for vehicle loans online. This means it’s straightforward to compare prices from a large diversity of finance companies. If you aren’t certain how to start this process, take a look at the following services list.

Required Credit Score
Up to $40,000
Starting at 5.99%
Bad credit
Loan Terms
2 months to 5 years
Up to $50,000
Individual rates
Bad credit
Loan Terms
6 months to 6 years
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Precisely the same solution works well for auto loans for those having credit scores of 791, 792, 793, 794, 795, 796, 797, 798 and 799.

How you can improve your interest rate & credit rating

Although you may successfully put in an application for a personal loan or auto loan with a 790 credit score, you may be able to receive a slightly more affordable rate of interest if you pay a more substantial deposit on the car in question.

Let me share some ideas for potentially elevating your credit score when you need to apply for a car / auto loan:

  • Credit cards, lower the amount of your credit you’re utilizing below 30%.
  • Request your free credit reports, check them for mistakes and contest any you uncover.
  • A few lenders are prepared to pardon one-off slip-ups and wipe them from your record. Check into this if it is relevant to your situation.
  • Get registered on Experian Boost to have your phone and utility payments count towards your credit scores.
  • Get on top of as many bills and outstanding debts as is possible.