Birds in Fresno California – Top 6 places for Birding

Known for its diversity, religion, and culture, Fresno has been one of the most populated regions in California. Living in harmony with people, many birds have made Fresno their refuge. More than 150 species of birds live in Fresno. Ranging from Swamp Sparrows to Bald Eagles, this city promises an incredible birding experience.

To help you explore more of the bird-world in Fresno, here is a list of hotspots where you can watch these birds in action.

1. Fresno Wastewater Treatment Facility

Fresno Wastewater Treatment Facility entrance serves as the home to many birds. Birds, including Shorebird and Waterfowl, have made this place their habitat for decades. The facility is also among the best places to observe Burrowing Owls as they are scattered all around the site. If you wish to enter the plant, you have to take permission from the authorities. You can also watch the birds driving along North Avenue without entering the facility.

2. Jensen River Ranch

This 167-acre property is famous among families, which offers fun outdoor activities such as fishing. The place is also a bird watcher’s delight. Spread across wetlands and lush greenery, many birds, have made this park their habitat. You can find a variety of birds in the park, including cormorants, woodpeckers, sparrows, and teals. The ranch is also home to several species of raptors, herons, flycatchers, and kingfishers.

3. Woodward Park

Close to the Jensen River Ranch, Woodward Park has no shortage of birds in its vicinity. The foot trail that runs across the park leads visitors to the San Joaquin River and is one of the best locations to witness kingfishers and herons. The area, just like its neighbor, the Jensen River Ranch, is full of woodpeckers, teals, and sparrows. Flycatchers and cormorants also enhance the birding experience. Fresno serves as an ultimate birding destination in California.

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4. Fresno Groundwater Recharge Ponds

This facility serves as the best spot to observe great-tailed Grackles in Fresno. You can visit the hotspots while driving along the Ashlan Avenue, which will lead you to the ponds where many of the birds flock in abundance. Great-tailed Grackles are seen regularly in this area and attract many tourists to this area. The best time to visit this place is in spring, fall, and winter.

5. Milburn Overlook

The site sits high above a large water body and appears like a mini island, so carrying a spotting scope or binocular is a must. There are numerous species of birds found in Milburn Overlook, which differs for different seasons. For instance, if you visit this overlook during the winter season, the place is full of egrets, bald eagles, cormorants, and some shorebirds. Summer is the best time to look for gulls and terns.

6. Lost Lake Park

One of the best locations in Fresno not only for bird watching but also for camping, Lost Lake Park is one place to connect with nature. Several birds flock around the park, and you can even witness migrating birds if you visit the park during spring. From sparrows to migrating warblers, this place is a birding paradise.